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Man on a Mission  with Vats Jaitly|| ANZAC Day Special
Man on a Mission with Vats Jaitly|| ANZAC Day Special
A journey from India to Australian Army & Beyond. In the spirit of Australia; in the spirit of April 25 of wartime, service and sacrifice, resourc fullness and that special camaraderie values of duty courage and selflessness the very Australian mateship in the age of international disruption and danger; we bring to ANZAC Days special with Vats Jaitly. Vats Jaitly served in the Australian Defence at the start of his Australian journey, after moving from Australia. He shares authentic tales of an immigrant, who immerses to learn from a Koori Elder, and experience all those learnings, with first being serving the land, water and communities that gave him opportunities. Today, as a civilian and thru those experiences, Vats Jaitly an Australian Indian diaspora from Victoria shares insights on how joining Defence helped him understand Australia better; the plaque of PTSD in War Veteran & Defence sector is alarming as is the expansionism 2000 kilometers around Australia a threat to our national security. ANZAC Day is an Australian commemoration evolving for over 100 years; an important day for not just the settlers but also the new migrants who take pride in the golden country. Contribution of Women in war as nurses, midwives, chefs, intelligence officers and so many other roles women played as brave mothers' wives can also not be forgotten. LISTEN IN: We would like to hear your insights on this episode and importantly on below:- · With federal election only a couple of weeks away what it means to have good governance? · What was the gap that was overlooked to have expansionism grow under our breath? · How are we going to protect Australia its people and its interests? · Is war nightmarishly doable in the potential in the Pacific? · Does Australia needs a new national security at home ? Write to us EMAIL:
Embedding representation & coloring the media canvas with Mariam Veiszdah CEO Media Diversity Australia
Embedding representation & coloring the media canvas with Mariam Veiszdah CEO Media Diversity Australia
In the spirit of spinning a yarn with CEO of Media Diversity Australia, Mariam Veiszadeh an award-winning human rights advocate, lawyer, diversity and inclusion practitioner, contributing author and media commentator, whose journey, through the digital waves of this episode, speaks for itself. Mariam was most recently an Executive Director at Diversity Council of Australia, founded the Islamophobia Register Australia, and has held multiple board positions on important functional institutions of Australia Her captivating TEDxSydney talk advocating for greater cultural diversity, was featured as an Anti-Racism Champion by the Australian Human Rights Commission and currently sits on the Commission's Expert Advisory Group for the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool as well their Multicultural Advisory Group. Mariam has worked as radio commentator for the ABC radio and as a columnist for Fairfax media. With many accolades to her name including the Fairfax Daily Life 2016 Woman of the year, the 2015 Westpac Woman of Influence and Welcoming Australia Life Member Award in 2021, Mariam is renowned for influencing positive change both in the workplace and in society more broadly. The dynamic exchange on the challenges as a South Asian Heritage woman of colour, fighting accents, identity, race, pet to threat syndrome, and the stairs to leading rooms is many floors away, that Mariam also shares. How do some get to take the lifts? We also talk about Afghanistan, within this year lots has happened in Afghanistan, in fact lots has been happening for a long time. Afghanistan has many transitions of various governments and regimes over time The atrocities of Taliban on women & children, one of the reasons Mariam with her family had to leave Afghanistan to salvage their lives. Often thought of Afghan minorities, the Hindus & the Sikhs and the Hazras - who also have been natives of Afghanistan for thousands of years, with ancestry over hundreds of years, were always seen as outsiders. Similar is the story of Ughyurs. And also the minorities in Australia, as we speak in length with Mariam. Diaspora should not be treated as outsiders, and how also not to take the diaspora for granted that once the diaspora settles, like colonialism they will remain silent and not voice for progress of the adopted democracy. Mariam's great insight into intersectionality and how experiences of people of colour play out in everyday life, especially in workplaces, how passive and aversive racism can occur even without explicit intent. Representation, cultural appropriation, and the colourful canvas in Media rooms, houses, corporates - critically questioning some of the representations in popular media giving useful insight into sometimes representation is just not enough. This episode is another celebration of the Australian stories of impact of diversity, inclusion and together with her vision for Media Diversity Australia with founders Antoinette Lattouf and Isabella Lo. Wired Global Media and Advisory remains committed to forging our podcast series, In the spirit of Spinning Yarns and The Diaspora for a long time to come.
His Excellency Manpreet Vohra Talks
His Excellency Manpreet Vohra Talks
On festive occasion of Australia's most vibrantly celebrated multicultural festival, the festival of lights celebrated by myriad faiths, today we are delighted to bring to you a special podcast with HE Manpreet Vohra, High Commissioner of India in Australia talks to Akashika Mohla, Founder & Director Wired Global Media & Advisory. The diaspora podcast speaks with political leaders policy makers diplomats researchers and journalists about their lives their journey and their vision and views for the world our guest on this special episode in Australia is the High Commissioner of India in Australia His Excellency, born in Punjab- north of India. His Excellency studied economics and international trade before joining Indian foreign service in 1988. Today as a seasoned diplomat popular for his leadership in international relations, representing was largest democracy India in myriad roles to countries like Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Mexico, UK and Australia . He commenced his assignment in Australia in April 2021. His Excellency represents India in Australia, world's largest democracy and also the fastest growing major economies growing. With that is also Australian Indian diaspora which is going to take over Australian Chinese diaspora numbers very soon. This episode is brought to you by Mahindra Australia- Mahindra rise. Mahindra Australia is an Indian foreign direct investment in Australia since 2005 with over 90 dealerships across Australia today. Mahindra is leader and number one tractor manufacturer of the world. Mahindra utes are popular in regional Australia and talking of the future Mahindra has major plans in automotive and agricultural sector Australia is a key focus market to Mahindra. In this candid chinwag with His Excellency even prayed for a we discussed his journey upbringing experiences from conflict zones, cold wars, covering especially a time when a missile landed in his residence during his time in Pakistan. We also talk about why China and Korea have a free trade agreement with Australia and when India and Australia are going to sign it many other topics are discussed particularly on foreign direct investment, defence cooperation, national security, trade commerce and special Diwali festive message to the Indian diaspora and Australian friends.
Insights: Australia & India opportunities for now & future with Dr Jagvinder Virk - Chairman-  India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA)
Insights: Australia & India opportunities for now & future with Dr Jagvinder Virk - Chairman- India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA)
The Diaspora Podcast, the podcast that is the voice of Engaging leadership, enabling impact with dialogues for now & future. Continuing with the most important relationship in International Affairs today is that of India & Australia and it is through this podcast we are continuing to voice the issues that matter. A deep dive into strategic relations from public to policy of the two commonwealths. Delighted to have with us today a special guest, connecting you to Insights on Australia & India for now future with Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman of India Australia Strategic Alliance and the linking connector to the historic amplifying India Australia Dosti. Joining me with his furry friend from his plush abode in Sydney, the humble down to earth Australian Indian talks on many matter beyond Politics, International Affairs with pearls of wisdom. Following Hon Tony Abbott's Visit last week to India, Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk the man behind the important connections & a friend of Special Envoy of Trade to India joins me today sharing all that it took to get it all so far, his insights on Australias COVID Coordination, what more needs to be done to bridge the gaps in myriad sectors, his own journey from a doc to a politico and businessman. Dr Virks commitment and sentiment for India & Australia is laudable, so lets take a listen now. NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed every time published. Please SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: global_wired
Connecting the dots with Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder & Director - Gandhi Creations, IABCA & FOMA
Connecting the dots with Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder & Director - Gandhi Creations, IABCA & FOMA
Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder & Director of Gandhi Creations, who has forged an unparallelled entrepreneurship in the Events & Marketing sector and she has done this over years with poise, grace and often in high heels. With over 600 events under her belt, and the linkages to be proud of. SO, what does life & business in lockdown looks like for Sonia, the gospel she banks on for staying resilient and serving the NSW multicultural community as the Australia Day Ambassador and on the board of Multicultural NSW & other institutions. How Sonia and Gandhi Creations have had to innovate new ways of working, driving the self-reliance motto and all the excitement ahead with India Australia Business Community Awards, Fashions of Multicultural Australia and more. In this disruptive world as we are all finding way to rediscover, it has been delightful to have this yarn with Sonia who left India over 2 decades back, and has created a niche life for her with her young family. She joins me today, after helping her 90 year old neighbor clean the windows in the neighborhood. Sonia is here with me, so please lets welcome Sonia Sadiq Gandhi to the podcast. This episode is recorded in lockdown era in Australia. There is saying that goes success does not happen overnight, its when everyday you get better than before, it all adds up, but with my next guest this surely is at its best today, and I could not think of a more appropriate, more inspirational, more kick ass woman to be by my side as we talk about linkages, celebration of cultural connections, the soft silk routes to the hearts of diplomacy and an electrifying migrant journey that is now the force of diversity & inclusion. New episodes of In the Spirit of Spinning Yarns will be in your feed every fortnightly on a Wednesday. SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one.
The Australian resident in the grip of pandemic in India: Ravneet Pawha
The Australian resident in the grip of pandemic in India: Ravneet Pawha
NEW episode: INDIA is not the only country in the world in this tsunami of pandemic and will not be the last. Right now more than anywhere in the world India acutely feels the storm of COVID19, in the grip of pandemic. Ravneet Pawha Dy. Vice President of Deakin University (tag both on FB and Insta) talks to Akashika on the coping & caring mechanisms as a two nations ambassador an Australian Resident and Australian Diaspora in India, the unique confrontation, the challenges, the dilemma - Ms Pawha shares her insights on impact, response, partisan bickering, accountability, progress and overcoming of this unprecedented pandemic. The controversial Australian Government jail mandate on Australians returning home from India, the cultural reckoning as a woman leadership and the Australian budget on Education sector are also discussed. Links below to listen on full episode. Spotify: Google: Apple: We are also on Amazon Music & Deezer. Narendra Modi Scott Morrison (ScoMo) Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India Deakin University, Australia Australia-India Council Australia India Business Council Ltd. India In Australia (High Commission Of India, Canberra) India in Australia (Consulate General of India, Sydney) India in Australia (Consulate General of India, Melbourne) India in Australia (Consulate General of India, Perth) Australia in India Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Alan Tudge MP Australian Consulate-General, Mumbai Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) FICCI FLO . . #leadership #womanleader #budget #educationsector #vaccine #india #indianarmy #staystrongindia #podcast #australia #podcastlife #government #diaspora #dosti #pandemic #support #solidarity #unity #families #Medicalequipment #economy #stayhomesavelives #diplomacy #bilateralities #partnership #stayhome #staysafe #auspol #FDI
Le Rendezvous  (an appointment) with H.E Karthik Subramanyan - Acting High Commissioner of India in Australia
Le Rendezvous (an appointment) with H.E Karthik Subramanyan - Acting High Commissioner of India in Australia
His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan is a career diplomat of India, currently, the acting High Commissioner and designate Dy, High Commissioner of India in Australia, and has recently been appointed High Commissioner of India in Fiji & six other Pacific Islands until he moves to the Western Pacific region. His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan joined the Indian foreign service in 2004 and is passionate about incredible India, he candourly talks of the opportunities he has as the real ambassador of the world's biggest democracy - The incredible India. And on this episode of The Diaspora makes two vital announcements. Akashika talks to HE Karthik Subramanyan on implications of isolationism and the growing political and international influence and ask about the vital matters of terrorism cyber security national security in our air water land across the Indian Ocean, the key factors sustaining India Australia deepening relations and the future. His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan also shares the key highlights of his time in Australia revering the rich experience in enhancing further the already natural friendship between the two Commonwealth nations, his thoughts on Australian politics and if in the upcoming federal election there is a swing what would be the changes in Australian foreign policy in the war against pandemic, that will remain important to India. He also shares the hard yards that went behind the historic Modi -Morrison comprehensive partnership and we talk about the Australian Investment potential in Education opportunities in India, the topic he would recommend to an Australian researcher in one of the universities who has a foreign policy issue assignment to submit to his vice chancellor, the diaspora, immigration, trade, and investments - the ingredients of the two-nation growth. He shares, what his views are the upcoming negotiations between India and Australia and the major announcements. NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed every time published. Please SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: global_wired
Family, Race and with the migrant Ali Kadri
Family, Race and with the migrant Ali Kadri
In this episode we talk all things to Ali Kadri -MD of Cloudemy, CEO of Islamic College of Brisbane, Spokesperson for Islamic Council of Queensland in Australia, and how this Multicultural Leader and Champion for Human Rights, is taking vital steps to address the matters of imperial dark era, race, religion, conflict and above all Ali Kadri's take on family, race and home. Akashika talks to Ali about the vital steps he has taken to address diversity, inclusion and also finding peace after his own life experience of losing family in conflict. A man of action, Ali is the MD of Cloudemy and CEO of Islamic College of Brisbane. Progressive, multicultural, smart and focussed he is a strong voice for people. Disguised by the communalism, at a young age, Ali migrated to Australia and fell in love with the country. His biggest challenge as a leader and thought Politician is to bring democracy to Australia.Ali as a proud Muslim, has found peace through his faith and shares with us, how he transcended from hate to compassion. His stance as a truly modern leader is underlined by the vision he posts regularly on his social media - equal opportunities and inclusivity for all. Ali takes pride in his Indian Heritage and remains a strong voice to stand up for the community, when required. His voice advocated for the Ganesha Advertisement that deeply offended the community at large. --- NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed, every time published. SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: Global_wired