Insights: Australia & India opportunities for now & future with Dr Jagvinder Virk - Chairman- India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA)

The Diaspora

11-08-2021 • 35分

The Diaspora Podcast, the podcast that is the voice of Engaging leadership, enabling impact with dialogues for now & future. Continuing with the most important relationship in International Affairs today is that of India & Australia and it is through this podcast we are continuing to voice the issues that matter. A deep dive into strategic relations from public to policy of the two commonwealths. Delighted to have with us today a special guest, connecting you to Insights on Australia & India for now future with Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman of India Australia Strategic Alliance and the linking connector to the historic amplifying India Australia Dosti. Joining me with his furry friend from his plush abode in Sydney, the humble down to earth Australian Indian talks on many matter beyond Politics, International Affairs with pearls of wisdom. Following Hon Tony Abbott's Visit last week to India, Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk the man behind the important connections & a friend of Special Envoy of Trade to India joins me today sharing all that it took to get it all so far, his insights on Australias COVID Coordination, what more needs to be done to bridge the gaps in myriad sectors, his own journey from a doc to a politico and businessman. Dr Virks commitment and sentiment for India & Australia is laudable, so lets take a listen now. NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed every time published. Please SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: global_wired