Le Rendezvous (an appointment) with H.E Karthik Subramanyan - Acting High Commissioner of India in Australia

The Diaspora

10-04-2021 • 41分

His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan is a career diplomat of India, currently, the acting High Commissioner and designate Dy, High Commissioner of India in Australia, and has recently been appointed High Commissioner of India in Fiji & six other Pacific Islands until he moves to the Western Pacific region. His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan joined the Indian foreign service in 2004 and is passionate about incredible India, he candourly talks of the opportunities he has as the real ambassador of the world's biggest democracy - The incredible India. And on this episode of The Diaspora makes two vital announcements. Akashika talks to HE Karthik Subramanyan on implications of isolationism and the growing political and international influence and ask about the vital matters of terrorism cyber security national security in our air water land across the Indian Ocean, the key factors sustaining India Australia deepening relations and the future. His Excellency Karthik Subramanyan also shares the key highlights of his time in Australia revering the rich experience in enhancing further the already natural friendship between the two Commonwealth nations, his thoughts on Australian politics and if in the upcoming federal election there is a swing what would be the changes in Australian foreign policy in the war against pandemic, that will remain important to India. He also shares the hard yards that went behind the historic Modi -Morrison comprehensive partnership and we talk about the Australian Investment potential in Education opportunities in India, the topic he would recommend to an Australian researcher in one of the universities who has a foreign policy issue assignment to submit to his vice chancellor, the diaspora, immigration, trade, and investments - the ingredients of the two-nation growth. He shares, what his views are the upcoming negotiations between India and Australia and the major announcements. NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed every time published. Please SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: global_wired