Spilling the beans with Shika J.Lowe from United Kingdom

The Diaspora

09-06-2021 • 29分

Announcing - Spilling the beans with Shikha J. Lowe! The world is getting dangerously crowded by smart cards, smart phones, smart TVs and of course COVID19 - a time to bring on some real, fun, chirpy, chic conversations on life, womanhood, the UK Diaspora lifestyle and the unplugged conversations of two friends from UK to Australia, in COVID times, with both of them made in India. Elated to announce our NEW Co-Host, Shikha J. Lowe! Bringing diaspora journey and stories from UK to Australia, Shikha will be joining Akashika for a fun new Segment- Spilling the Beans! Catch Shikha & Akashika monthly with us on the Diaspora Podcast.