I stand with her: Powering parity through partnerships with Ms Sarah Kirlew - Aus CG Chennai, Deepthi Ravula - CEO, WE-Hub & Dr Sangeeta Aditya President GWASE

The Diaspora

18-09-2021 • 1時間 16分

oining Akashika Mohla Founder & Director of Wired Global Media & Advisory with Ms Sarah Kirlew - Australian Consul General, Chennai, Deepthi Ravula - CEO, WE- Hub, Telangana Government and Dr. Sangeeta Aditya - President, GWASE on 18 September 2021 the United Nations International Equal Pay Day, our next episode - I stand with her: Powering parity through partnerships; on The Diaspora Podcast. Committed to Australia & India friendship, Australian mission in India is bridging these gaps, through its AusBridge partnership with GWASE. And, two partnerships with WE-Hub - Community Slate and UpSurge. Australia was WE-Hub and GWASE's first international partner.