Yarn with Christine Castley - CEO Multicultural Australia|| Celebrating Harmony, Women Leadership beyond the biases in upheaval times.

The Diaspora

21-03-2021 • 30分

A riveting new episode of In the Spirit of Spinning Yarns Podcast. Akashika talks to Christine Castley, CEO of Multicultural Australia, Australia's leading migrant support organization. Christine Castley - CEO Multicultural Australia talks about celebrating harmony, the ongoing support in Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges ahead. Christine, talks about what's getting her through the days (and the "Zoom Shooms"), how she supports her team as well as the Queensland community. We live thru her story, from a multicultural upbringing, to the diversity challenges of gender and unconscious bias and beyond that her own success story in leadership. Particularly beyond those barriers for women, how we accelerate the pace of change in workplace equality and why we need to include all women. We further discuss the first nations, modern Australia and celebrating our identity.