Family, Race and with the migrant Ali Kadri

The Diaspora

19-02-2021 • 35分

In this episode we talk all things to Ali Kadri -MD of Cloudemy, CEO of Islamic College of Brisbane, Spokesperson for Islamic Council of Queensland in Australia, and how this Multicultural Leader and Champion for Human Rights, is taking vital steps to address the matters of imperial dark era, race, religion, conflict and above all Ali Kadri's take on family, race and home. Akashika talks to Ali about the vital steps he has taken to address diversity, inclusion and also finding peace after his own life experience of losing family in conflict. A man of action, Ali is the MD of Cloudemy and CEO of Islamic College of Brisbane. Progressive, multicultural, smart and focussed he is a strong voice for people. Disguised by the communalism, at a young age, Ali migrated to Australia and fell in love with the country. His biggest challenge as a leader and thought Politician is to bring democracy to Australia.Ali as a proud Muslim, has found peace through his faith and shares with us, how he transcended from hate to compassion. His stance as a truly modern leader is underlined by the vision he posts regularly on his social media - equal opportunities and inclusivity for all. Ali takes pride in his Indian Heritage and remains a strong voice to stand up for the community, when required. His voice advocated for the Ganesha Advertisement that deeply offended the community at large. --- NEW Episodes of The Diaspora will be on your feed, every time published. SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one. Facebook: @thewiredglobal Instagram: wired_global Twitter: Global_wired