Man on a Mission with Vats Jaitly|| ANZAC Day Special

The Diaspora

25-04-2022 • 18分

A journey from India to Australian Army & Beyond. In the spirit of Australia; in the spirit of April 25 of wartime, service and sacrifice, resourc fullness and that special camaraderie values of duty courage and selflessness the very Australian mateship in the age of international disruption and danger; we bring to ANZAC Days special with Vats Jaitly. Vats Jaitly served in the Australian Defence at the start of his Australian journey, after moving from Australia. He shares authentic tales of an immigrant, who immerses to learn from a Koori Elder, and experience all those learnings, with first being serving the land, water and communities that gave him opportunities. Today, as a civilian and thru those experiences, Vats Jaitly an Australian Indian diaspora from Victoria shares insights on how joining Defence helped him understand Australia better; the plaque of PTSD in War Veteran & Defence sector is alarming as is the expansionism 2000 kilometers around Australia a threat to our national security. ANZAC Day is an Australian commemoration evolving for over 100 years; an important day for not just the settlers but also the new migrants who take pride in the golden country. Contribution of Women in war as nurses, midwives, chefs, intelligence officers and so many other roles women played as brave mothers' wives can also not be forgotten. LISTEN IN: We would like to hear your insights on this episode and importantly on below:- · With federal election only a couple of weeks away what it means to have good governance? · What was the gap that was overlooked to have expansionism grow under our breath? · How are we going to protect Australia its people and its interests? · Is war nightmarishly doable in the potential in the Pacific? · Does Australia needs a new national security at home ? Write to us EMAIL: