Connecting the dots with Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder & Director - Gandhi Creations, IABCA & FOMA

The Diaspora

05-08-2021 • 23分

Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder & Director of Gandhi Creations, who has forged an unparallelled entrepreneurship in the Events & Marketing sector and she has done this over years with poise, grace and often in high heels. With over 600 events under her belt, and the linkages to be proud of. SO, what does life & business in lockdown looks like for Sonia, the gospel she banks on for staying resilient and serving the NSW multicultural community as the Australia Day Ambassador and on the board of Multicultural NSW & other institutions. How Sonia and Gandhi Creations have had to innovate new ways of working, driving the self-reliance motto and all the excitement ahead with India Australia Business Community Awards, Fashions of Multicultural Australia and more. In this disruptive world as we are all finding way to rediscover, it has been delightful to have this yarn with Sonia who left India over 2 decades back, and has created a niche life for her with her young family. She joins me today, after helping her 90 year old neighbor clean the windows in the neighborhood. Sonia is here with me, so please lets welcome Sonia Sadiq Gandhi to the podcast. This episode is recorded in lockdown era in Australia. There is saying that goes success does not happen overnight, its when everyday you get better than before, it all adds up, but with my next guest this surely is at its best today, and I could not think of a more appropriate, more inspirational, more kick ass woman to be by my side as we talk about linkages, celebration of cultural connections, the soft silk routes to the hearts of diplomacy and an electrifying migrant journey that is now the force of diversity & inclusion. New episodes of In the Spirit of Spinning Yarns will be in your feed every fortnightly on a Wednesday. SUBSCRIBE now in your podcast app to never miss one.