What Healing Gives

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

19-06-2023 • 59分

After the agony and determination it takes to heal we emerge from MDT primed to fully live our divinity identity in service to others.

Learning to heal the mother wound is one thing. Applying the lessons through daily practice such as the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck is another. By using it to regulate triggers and gain clarity, balance and confirmation in situations we need it most, we enhance our lives by reconditioning the ego mind’s tendency toward self abandonment and abuse.

It’s been a while since posting and Great Mother has been dealing with me as I transform this habit into the kind of self love and compassion needed for the next evolutionary step. Beyond MDT liberation is where we make final peace with the journey, gather what is still useful and serve others with the best of what we have and have become.

This is what healing gives.

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