Saturn Moon

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

09-07-2023 • 59分

What do Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Court Korbane, James Dean and Jim Morrison have in common? Saturn Moon.

Saturn represents karma in our birth chart. While we all know our Sun sign based on the zodiac sign it was in when we were born, few of us know our moon sign, let alone where Saturn was placed. That’s why MDT Academy is here!

All of us aspire to live a phenomenal life! Our dreamy aspirations and loving hearts make us very special within a world desperately needing us to show how to powerfully and lovingly achieve one’s hearts desires to be of service to the world.

This podcast is a follow up to the last three covering the first three suits of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck: Mind Bend to Redefine Yourself (Processing), Let Them Be Right (Self Inquiry suit) and What Healing Gives (Acknowledge suit). As we continue with the fourth Integrity suit, we delve into the astrology of MDT, the spiritual science, ancient wisdom and collective soul memory of the celestial signature of this karmic experience.

While science of the mother wound is typically relegated to social and psychological studies, today we are unlocking the astrological signature of the mother wound, “the dark side of the moon” (aka the maternal shadow).

This science proves empaths don’t just have the mother wound. We have Saturn Moon, or Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) when combined with other planetary aspects indicating high sensitivity.

Knowing our moon sign gives us the self awareness and grace we need to apply the tips, tools and techniques learned here to heal.

Vedic Moon Sign birth chart calculator

Western Moon Sign birth chart calculator

Integrity is telling yourself the truth about what does and does not work for you. As individuals with MDT there is a common laundry list of what works for us, and here, specifically what enables us to live or divine birthright based on our core belief in divinity identity (I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged condemned or left alone).

Did you know we can experience, feel and fully live our divine birth right to be happy, healthy and whole, the more effort we put toward living our truth? Not Mama’s truth, but yours? Also: Heart chakra (Integrity suit) cards show up in spreads to help us work through conditioned shame blame and guilt, sift it out and throat chakra (Resurrection suit) cards confirm how our intuition is guiding us to live it.

Using our empathy to tune into our moon sign to confirm our true needs and desires, we can be more self forgiving and compassionate of others, especially mama except its no longer forced and insincere but based on integrity. That’s the legacy of healing the mother wound we are all here to leave.

Thanks @kenzistudioco for artwork and @waytoolost for background beats!

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