How To Become Mentally Fit Without The Antidepressants with Dr. Joseph Yi

The Dr. Kinney Show

25-09-2023 • 43分

What if I told you that the key to healing your depression or anxiety wasn’t a pill?

In this episode, I sat down with The StreetMD himself, Dr. Joseph Yi, to talk about holistic psychiatry, the four pillars of mental wellness, and psychedelics. If you want to achieve mental fitness, there are simple and effective things you can do and Dr. Yi is sharing exactly how to make it happen.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The four pillars of mental wellness
  • The commitment it takes to become mentally fit
  • The opportunity to rewire your brain with psychedelics

Dr. Yi has some amazing insight into how we can treat our mental health so you aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

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