A Healthy Gut, a Healthier You: Tips and Tools for Microbiome Support with Dr. Piper Drobner

The Dr. Kinney Show

16-10-2023 • 38分

Wondering how you can create a healthier microbiome?

You’re going to love this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show! I sat down with Dr. Piper Dobner to talk about the world of, well… poop! Dr. Dobner is the co-creator of a sterilized stool supplement. It’s a whole ecosystem approach to helping support the microbiome.

Dr. Piper Dobner is the CEO and Co-Founder of Thaena Inc, the makers of ThaenaBiotic®, a novel stool-derived supplement, and she is here to share all of the details of how it works today!

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How Dr. Dobner found her passion for the inner world of the microbiome
  • What happens when your gut and microbiome aren’t being supported
  • The things in our environment that degrade the microbiome
  • How this supplement works to improve the health of your gut
  • Healthy gut protocols to support your microbiome

If you have been wanting to improve the health of your gut, you’re going to love this episode because it is packed with fascinating information about stool supplements. Make sure to tune in!

Show notes available at www.drerinkinney.com/140

Resources Mentioned:

Visit the Thaena website: https://thaena.com/

Follow Thaena on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thaena.inc/

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