63. Conception Misconceptions and Fertility Facts with Ronit Menashe & Vida Delrahim

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

05-02-2024 • 35分

Welcome to the Primal Kitchen Podcast with host Morgan, featuring WeNatal co-founders Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim

WeNatal is revolutionizing prenatal care by focusing equally on men and women's health for fertility and pregnancy. Drawing from their personal struggles and insights in fertility, Ronit and Vida discuss the importance of a holistic approach to preconception health. They delve into the significance of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes for both partners, aiming to shift the narrative from individual to collective responsibility in fertility journeys. Join us to learn about WeNatal's unique approach and their journey in creating a comprehensive prenatal supplement.

This innovative company produces third-party-tested prenatal supplements for men and women made with purposefully selected ingredients and no gluten, soy, or dairy. Ronit and Vida discuss how their separate battles with pregnancy loss led to researching egg quality and sperm health as part of the prenatal experience, while Morgan shares her own fertility journey. Hear why WeNatal is bringing men into the prenatal conversation and learn more about the impact that sperm health has on pregnancy and fertility.

Relevant Points:

0:00 We Natal - Exploring the Journey of Pregnancy

1:35 What I Need To Know About Exclusivity - Insights into Exclusive Information

2:07 A Men's Prenatal - Understanding Prenatal Care for Men

8:00 Impact on Health

8:50 Tips and Advice for Conceiving Again

13:06 Exploring the Connection Between Sperm Quality and Baby's Health

17:15 Unveiling the Qualities of a High-Quality Prenatal Product

20:14 Understanding How We Natal Supports Men in the Prenatal Journey

22:36 The Role of Fitbit and Aura Rings in Health Monitoring

25:19 The Increasing Popularity of Functional Medicine

27:00 Who's Inspiring You Today? - Discovering Sources of Inspiration

28:37 Reflecting on Challenging Experiences

31:20 Insights into Common Human Behaviors

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