59. An engineer's evolution into a holistic health leader with Salim Najjar

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

12-01-2024 • 1時間 6分

In this episode of the Primal Kitchen Podcast, we meet Salim, a former nuclear power plant engineer turned health and wellness entrepreneur. Salim recounts his transformative journey, beginning with a successful yet unfulfilling career in engineering, leading to the inception of Soundtea.

His exploration into health and wellness was sparked by a personal tragedy - the loss of his father to cancer. This pivotal moment propelled him into researching natural health remedies and adopting a unique diet strategy, including a one-meal-a-day routine and microdosing psilocybin for wellness enhancement.

Salim delves into various health optimization techniques, from grounding and cold plunge therapy to leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment in his biohacking adventures. He also touches upon his experiences with plant medicine, discussing the impacts of ayahuasca and ketamine therapies.

This episode not only charts Salim's professional shift but also offers insights into combining technology with natural health practices.

Tune in to learn how Salim's journey intertwines personal experiences with a passion for holistic health, and discover his approach to blending modern tech with traditional wellness methods.

Relevant points from episode:

0:00 Grounding/Introduction

0:48 Cancer

5:38 All About It

7:09 What Does a Business Look Like Today?

9:17 Heart Rate Variability

14:16 How to Decrease Your HRV?

18:31 Pulsed electromagnetic field

21:15 The Need for Grounding

25:02 Binaural Beats: The Essential Meditation for Long Term Health

34:25 Talking to smokers at 60

34:50 How to Talk to a Child About Trauma?

36:14 Your Thoughts On Death

39:25 After a Shoulder Surgery, Hyperbaric Therapy

44:27 In the sauna with the doctors

49:48 Ketogenic Diet and Supplement regimen

51:45 How to get enough magnesium for your body after a surgery?

53:13 Favorite People and Worst Things You've Done For Yourself

54:45 On Psilocybin and Ayahuasca

1:00:04 Ketamine Therapy With Somatic Meditation

1:03:49 Ketamine, Psilocybin: Where to Start?

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