EP 137 Guilt and Shame in Motherhood: Breaking Free with Dena Farash

Postpartum University® Podcast

07-11-2023 • 26分

All of my guests are so special, and today's is no exception.
She also happens to be a long-time dear friend.

Dena Farash has walked alongside me through establishing and growing an online business and I've been honored to witness her do the same.

Dena shares sameness and sanity so that moms can feel cool, calm, and confident without guilt or shame.

She is the founder of The Mindful Mom Revolution, an online space for Mothers to come together to deliberately create community, inspiration, and progress through awareness of their thoughts and inspired actions in their parenting.

Dena is a successful online entrepreneur who has found her unique way of sharing how to thrive in motherhood while still creating personal fulfillment, accomplishment, and connection with others.

Happily married and a mom of three, Dena loves to share with women how they can become the best version of themselves while raising the best version of their kids.

Using tools like meditation, mindfulness, grit, and charm, Dena has established herself as a strong voice in both the motherhood and online business spaces.

In today's episode, we're sharing:

Steps to take toward prioritizing releasing trauma and practicing conscious parenting

Where damaging parenting behaviors come from.

The influence of our thoughts and why awareness of them is the first step toward breaking generational patterns

How to work in the mindfulness practices that will make the biggest difference even in modern life without adding anything else to your to-do list.

Dena is showing up on social media, telling stories, and leading by example.

She showcases the sacredness and mundane moments which has been such a beautiful gift, not only to myself but also to so many others.

I'm sure you'll take away so much wisdom surrounding what motherhood is all about in this powerful conversation.

Feeling inspired and ready to learn more about how you can actively revolutionize postpartum care?