Bonus Episode: Understanding the New PPD Drug and a Call to Action to Elevate Maternal Healthcare

Postpartum University® Podcast

10-08-2023 • 30分

Welcome to a conversation that needs to be amplified, will shed light on the realities of postpartum depression, and the implications of a new drug that's hit the market, Zurzuvae.
As a mother of four and a specialist in postpartum care, I've been delving into the research, asking questions, and uncovering truths that can help us navigate the risks associated with the pharmaceutical treatment of PPD.

In this episode:
We examine the broader issue of maternal health, mental wellness, and the unmet need for better care pathways.
We share the facts about Zurzuvae, its potential side effects, and the concerns surrounding its long-term use. (Spoiler alert: you'll want to hear about the animal studies and the possible conflict of interest among the researchers)
We empower you to understand the wider landscape of postpartum care and implore you to take action to fill the urgent need for improved support and resources for new mothers.

For more information and to download the FDA safety info PDF for this new postpartum depression drug visit:

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