Episode 55 - Happy Birthday Couture Coaching! The Top Three Lessons We've Learned Helping Women Boost Their Metabolisms.

Boost Your Metabolism After Age 30 Podcast

20-06-2023 • 34分

Happy Birthday Couture Coaching!  We can't believe it has been two years since we first opened our doors - time flies when we're having fun.  In this episode Jo and Allison share the top three lessons they've learned coaching women to invest in their metabolisms.  While the fundamentals of how they coach women in terms of nutrition and exercise have not changed, they've learned A LOT helping women get off yo-yo diets and consistently nourish and strengthen their bodies.

Listen up to learn:

  • How diet culture has led to so many women to undereating;
  • Why women love strength training; and
  • Why mindset is everything!

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