Episode 64 - How Fad Dieting Interferes with Healthy Habit Formation -- Interview with Stacia Root

Boost Your Metabolism After Age 30 Podcast

24-10-2023 • 53分

We talk a lot about how chronic dieting wrecks your metabolism but did you know it also makes forming healthy habits difficult (if not impossible)?  In today's episode, Coach Jo talks with Stacia Root (@Stacia.Root), owner of Rooted In Results, about how fad diets interfere with healthy habit formation .  Stacia is a registered nurse who became a fitness coach after developing a passion for preventative care.  Quickly into her nursing career, Stacia realized that healthy exercise and nutrition habits practiced over a lifetime can prevent many chronic diseases and increase quality of life.

Listen up to learn:

  • why most diets do not promote sustainable nutrition or exercise habits;
  • why diets promote all or nothing thinking that leads to majoring in the minors (not focusing on habits and behaviors that matter the most for health or lasting results);
  • how restrictive diets erode self-confidence;
  • why Stacia has her clients focus on awareness and focusing on small behavioral changes for long-term success, and
  • MUCH more!

Follow Stacia at @stacia.root.

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