Confronting Challenges To Women's Health: From Stress To Inflammation To HPV With Dr. Doni Wilson

Nutrition Without Compromise

29-05-2023 • 1時間 2分

Despite all the health issues unique to women, there is still a noticeable information gap about women’s health. Many women find themselves in a place of misinformation or a lack of information when it comes to understanding their bodies. It is high time we take notice and fill this gap. Corinna Bellizzi welcomes back to the show Dr. Doni Wilson. Dr. Doni is a Naturopathic Doctor, certified professional midwife, certified nutrition specialist, and bestselling author of Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health. In this episode, she provides a great view of the many changes women experience in their bodies, especially the factors that impact women’s health. From stress to inflammation to HPV, Dr. Doni covers it all. So tune in to this important conversation as we bring awareness to women’s health and how we can be more resilient, healthier, and lead fuller lives.

Key takeaways from this episode:

·        How stress impacts women’s health

·        How to better understand postmenopausal health

·        The importance of listening to our bodies

·        How Omega-3 supports women’s health

·        Women and cardiovascular health

·        Confronting challenges with HPV

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