FOREVER YOUNG RADIO SHOW: Biohack Your Omega-3s Tissue Levels To Optimize Health + The "Tested By You" Program Details

Nutrition Without Compromise

31-07-2023 • 41分

In this episode we share the supportive ways Omega 3s can be incorporated into your daily diet to improve your omega-3 index (the omega-3 in your tissues) so you can reach optimal health.

Host: Kelly Cappasola

Kelly has been involved in Radio for the past 21 years and has produced many top ranked Health programs across the nation. She is also the co-creator and Executive Producer of Forever Young Radio which hit the air in 2000, with the help of informative guests and sponsors. Kelly originally started behind the scenes as a producer, although she had been working with many health company’s she was still left puzzled about her health. After being diagnosed with an AutoImmune condition (Hashimoto’s) She was immediately bitten by the Health bug and was motivated to spread the word of Natural Health. She lends her advice and personal experience on diet and nutrition while encouraging people to live a better quality of life through diet and supplementation.

Guest: Corinna Bellizzi, MBA is a natural products industry executive and omega-3 expert who successfully creates new nutrition categories, pioneers brands, and develops educational strategies that disrupt markets.

Talking points

-The benefit of knowing your Omega 3 number.

-Omega 3 Index Risk Zones?

-For people new to health, why do we need OMEGA-3’s?

-The benefits of algae-based Omega 3’s over traditional fish-based products.

-Can Omega 3’s help with the inflammatory load?

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