Men's Health: Helping Men Heal From The Inside Out With Dr. Forrest Sauer

Nutrition Without Compromise

06-06-2023 • 44分

Statistics reveal that men are less likely to visit the doctor for regular checkups. Not only that, it has also been found that the second killer is suicide in young men. This calls for an overall health intervention, encouraging men to take care not only of their physical in young men but also mental health. Diving deep into men’s health is Chiropractor and the Founder of Twin Oaks Health, Dr. Forrest Sauer. He sits down with Corinna Bellizzi to bring awareness to these alarming statistics and how we can overcome them. Dr. Sauer then shares how he is helping change the unhealthy American lifestyle and diet through his company, Sprout and Bloom. Learn how to heal from the inside out and live a long and healthy life by tuning in to this conversation.

Key takeaways from this episode:

·        Suicide is the second killer among young men

·        How to encourage men to have regular check-ups

·        The importance of taking responsibility for your health

·        The relationship between fats, cholesterol, and hormones

·        Sprout and Blossom’s healthy coffee

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