PHAT Syndrome: The What, Why, And How To Fix Issues In Men’s Health With Dr. Jerry Bailey

Nutrition Without Compromise

19-06-2023 • 52分

Men tend to not go to the doctor until it’s too late. That is why it is important to share stories that give them the confidence to step forward. Dr. Jerry Bailey is someone who admits his humanity to encourage men to speak about their health, particularly on their experiences with Poly-Hormonal Adrenal Testosterone (PHAT) Syndrome. Having battled with this, Dr. Bailey has been on the other side of this diagnosis. He is then helping those who are on the same path by illuminating men all about this issue. Dr. Bailey is a certified nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractic, and functional medicine physician at Lakeside Holistic Health with over two decades in his field. He is also a prominent expert on men’s medicine and leads the world in the emerging science of Poly-Hormonal Adrenal Testosterone Syndrome. In this episode, he shares the who, the what, the why, and the how to fix the PHAT Syndrome. How can you identify it? What could you do about it? Dr. Bailey answers these and more in this conversation.

Key takeaways from this episode:

·        What is Poly-Hormonal Adrenal Testosterone (PHAT) Syndrome

·        How to navigate through PHAT Syndrome

·        The root causes of PHAT Syndrome

·        How to overcome leaky gut

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