How to Sync Your Life to Your Cycle So That You Can Thrive And Also Not Murder Anyone In Your Luteal Phase!

Geriatric Mamas

21-09-2023 • 52分

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss the anxiety of going live with the podcast, the aftermath apology tour, the life changing benefits of cycle syncing and how to get started, seed cycling and more on rage texts because anything is possible in the luteal phase, maybe Jodi Arias wasn’t to blame for decapitating her boyfriend?

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Hitting the Publish Button on Our First Five Podcast Episodes (3:45)

  • Go Live Regrets and The Apology Tour (4:18)

  • We Now Know That You Can’t Hear Our Background Noises (7:25)

  • What We’re No Longer Going to Say (8:59)

  • Cycle Syncing (11:03)

  • Rage Texts (14:47)

  • What is Cycle Syncing (16:31)

  • The Four Cycle Phases (19:42)

  • Monthly Cycle Trackers (20:41)

  • The Menstrual Phase (23:01)

  • Seed Cycling (24:11)

  • Follicular Phase (26:05)

  • Ovulation Phase (28:12)

  • Please Send Us A Correction (34:01)

  • The Luteal Phase AKA The Dangerous Phase (35:10)

  • Is the Luteal Phase to Blame for Murder? (38:24)

  • FYI: We’re Changing the Name of The Podcast (39:37)

  • The Chronicles of The Menses Slaughters, A Diary of A Woman’s Rage During the Luteal Phase ™ (40:03)

  • Cycle Syncing in Our Real Lives (44:25)

  • Top Women’s Sports Coaches Use Cycle Syncing to Optimize Performance (46:18)

For all resources mentioned in this episode please visit the show notes here!