Your Moon Sign Is the Way Out of Mama Madness

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

21-01-2024 • 2時間 53分

With MDT our healing journey is more than a path, it’s a trip! Today, we take a trip to the moon. While Saturn Moon is our birth chart signature, your unique moon sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, etc.) shows how you are wounded, or in lovingly detached terms, “maternally maladapted”.

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Because we are dearly loved divine children of the Great Mother Father God who are never judged, condemned or left alone—no matter how, when, where, or why we trip on this journey— we have a way out, upward and onward toward greater and greater healing.

This is the first session of a series about the signs and symbols of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck (MDTHOD) where we deep dive into the inner world, collective unconscious, and universal hologram as healed by empaths with the mother wound.

Let’s start by dipping our toes into the waters our moon sign. Like the sun, the moon was in a specific sign when we were born. With MDT, it is essential we know its specific challenges and learn how to overcome them by drawing from the strengths of its opposite sign to strike the balance any time or place we need it. Taking this powerful step in turn empowers our angels, guides and ancestors to help us more easily and rapidly come into your own.

While many of us do not look like what we’ve been through, our physical bodies and, or material worlds are upside down, and all the while our moon sign— the sign of our emotional well-being and soul memory is waiting dormant to bring the you out of this Saturn Moon into the light at end of its dark tunnel.

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Each system is equally valuable. One centers wo/man, the other the galactic center, Divine Mother. None is superior to another. These variant celestial approaches—as above—reflect our internal polarities (geocentric:cosmic, science:spirituality, ego:soul, etc.) —so below…

Infinite Waters’ Ralph Smart, the man who coined the term deep diving, says “Those afraid of going to hell seek religion. Those who have already been to hell seek spirituality”.

Religion is a system of beliefs one uses to govern faith and worship of a deity. Spirituality pertains directly one’s soul and one’s internal alignment with that spirit.

The moon sign symbol of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck (MDTHOD) is prominent because Great Mother speaks to us through our moon sign. Indeed, the mother of all mothers is the inner light that always lets us know we are home.

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