How Do You Do Your Goddess?

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

04-02-2024 • 1時間 20分

You are a goddess.

It’s not about what you wear, how you look or even what you do. Goddesses are daughters of Great Mother Father God. As such we are molded, set molds and preside over them. What’s yours? Your gift? Your talent? Your unique gift? Going goddesses is about embracing the essence of divinity identity in meaningful, practical and present ways of feeling healthy, happy and whole.


I am a dearly loved child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone.

6 Reasons It’s Important for Empaths with Mother Wound to “Go Goddess”

* It is good for everyone to self regulate but for empaths energy management requires self awareness of the energy releasing to compensate for their intense need to feel safe and secure—even to the extent of energetic care and protection of others who are perceived as threats. Individuals with MDT must be decisive and dedicated to maintaining mental and emotional balance to avoid the trap of vulnerabilities this default behavior creates.

* Getting out of toxic entanglements is important for everyone but for empaths the goal is not only to overcome but to live beyond them to support other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) release this self created turmoil. With the power to create is the power to dismantle detrimental mental and emotional states but everyone needs help to do so, even old souls.

* Everyone has some grievance about unmet maternal needs and how it feeds into feeling blamed or unworthy of having their wants and needs met but empaths experience self afflicting grief, guilt and doubts around this hypothesis. Unlike nonempaths, their strong intuition affords access to experience data from many empowering lifetimes denying them the refuge of self pity.

* Everyone feels divided about what their real wants and needs may be but empaths receive precise intuitive downloads about theirs unless their energy is blocked which makes them more confused than most about their identity. This creates a kind of "desire limbo" (e.i. not knowing what they want) that attracts narcissistic energies acted out by themselves or others to clarify and resolve the identity crisis.

* Everyone can get dysregulated but empaths empaths can feel higher frequencies (e.g. animals, plants, angels and ancestors, etc.) and must own and employ this connection to successfully live in loving detachment from MDT.

* Everyone is wounded or injured in some way by life experiences but individuals with MDT carry soul wounds they must address to feel divine, and to do so they must tap into their god/dess for the nitty gritty of what makes them tick so they can effectively use their healing shield and armor.

Perfection is not our goal. Evolution is. By combining the signs and symbols in our readings we use them to gain immediate mood clarity, emotional balance and intuitive confirmation.

The moon sign gives us a sense of the emotional balance we seek, the chakra symbols clarifies our mood state and the god/dess signifies the story we are telling ourselves of need to address about an issue so our goddess can show up!

Every moment we see our goddess, we can be it. Every time we go goddess is another step we take back to peace, home and freedom from MDT.

Great Mother delivers her loving messages to us through the 39 gods (3) and goddesses (36) of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck. As the mother of all god/dess archetypes, she uses them to signal what issues we share at the time of inquiry and how their mythologies symbolize what attitudes and actions may be useful to employ from their lessons to support us in feeling more happy, healthy and whole.



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