More in Common, Menfulness and Me (with Pete Quinn)

The Menfulness Podcast

29-10-2022 • 1時間 12分

TW - Baby Loss/Bereavement


It's hard to state just how awesome Pete Quinn really is. He's a consultant, coach, speaker and leader. He's an Inclusion Consultant and he's out there working in the education, tech, corporate and arts sectors making meaningful change and harnessing the power of diversity. Pete's consultancy strap-line is 'change through collaboration' and in this episode we learn how challenges have become opportunities, inclusion became a living, and Menfulness became a part of Pete's giving back.

We travel from Birstall to York, with Tanzania and Oxford on the way! We hear that you don't need a regular upbringing to find a meaningful vocation in life. We also understand.a bit more about how Pete found Menfulness and why he's so generous with his time and support.

We're so grateful to have Pete on board advising our group and his honesty in this conversation is truly inspiring. Find out more about Pete's work at

See our Impact Report put together by Pete and Joe Gardham -

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Pete's - For the Record:

Pet Shop Boys - The Way It Used To Be (JCRZ Golden Age Ultra Extension Remix) -

Zadok the Priest - Choir of Westminster Abbey -

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