The Simon Long-est Podcast - Pt 2 - Exploring Alternative Therapies

The Menfulness Podcast

20-05-2023 • 1時間 16分

Trigger Warning - Eating Disorder/Self Harm/Bereavement

Content Warning - Swearing

Simon Long joins us for Part Two of the LONGest podcast yet and we're honoured to hear him speak. In this episode we learn about the breakfast club he’s running for us, as well as so much more of Simon’s story including why Menfulness is so important to him. It's a brave conversation and we touch on some triggering topics including eating disorders, self harm and bereavement, so bare that in mind before getting into this if you’ve got something going on right now. This is a really emotional one at times, but there’s also plenty of hope, we talk counselling, Mental Health First Aid and music, with all Simon’s 'For the Record' selections in here too.

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BEAT - UKs Eating Disorder Charity -


Donate to Poppy's Trust -

Diary of a CEO w/ Mel C -

Sigmund Freud - Theory of Psychodynamics -


Simon's For the Record:


Cat Burns - People Pleaser -

Harry Styles - Treat People With Kindness -

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al -


The Lunar Year - Boys Will Cry -

Billy Lockett - Don't Be So Hard on Yourself -

Marcus Mumford - You'll Never Walk Alone -


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