Days of My Life: Hustling, Healing and Helping Others (with Aidan Wheller)

The Menfulness Podcast

15-10-2022 • 1時間 18分

TW - Drugs (Overdose)/Bereavement/Suicide

CW: Swearing


Menfulness member and volunteer Aidan shares some stories from his new auto-biographical podcast, 'Days of My Life'.

Aidan's journey has taken him from 90s dance-floors, drug dealing and ditches of Nottingham, to the beaches of India, self-actualisation and finding his purpose to help others.

Aidan has been through more in his teenage years than many will experience in a lifetime and even though we only scratch the surface in this chat, his frank honesty and light hearted ownership of his past life is both eye opening and life-affirming to hear. We learn the importance of self awareness, finding a place where you belong and that it's never too late to turn things around and find a way back to where we're supposed to be.

We're so grateful to have Aidan as part of our group. Please go check out his podcasts - 'Aidan Rosewell' on Youtube.


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