S3E21: Dr. Gil Blander | Personalized Health and Performance Analytics

The Fit and Fabulous Podcast

25-09-2023 • 55分

On today's episode, Dr. Jaime interviews Dr. Gil Blander!

Dr. Gil Blander is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and translating research discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. He leads a team of biology, nutrition & exercise physiology experts, and computer scientists at InsideTracker, and has been featured in CNN Money, The New York Times, Forbes, Financial times, The Boston Globe to name a few.

Dr. Gil Blander received a Ph.D. in biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed his Post Doctoral fellowship at MIT, before going on to found InsideTracker. The InsideTracker platform analyzes key biochemical and physiological markers and applies algorithms and large scientific databases to determine optimal zones for each marker. The system then provides nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle interventions that empower people to optimize their markers, increasing vitality, improving overall health, as well as athletic performance and extending life.

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