TTC AT Advanced Maternal Age w/Maiclaire Smith [2020 REWIND]

Infertility And Me: Stories of Infertility Survivors, IVF, & TTC

04-09-2023 • 48分

Maiclaire became pregnant naturally, really quickly, but miscarried at nearly 12 weeks. She and her husband then started fertility treatments with IUI. She became pregnant through her second IUI (Intrauterine insemination) but sadly miscarried at 9 weeks. Maiclaire completed 5 rounds of IVF as well. In this episode, we also discuss egg donorship and epigenetics.

"After the 2 miscarriages and the 2nd IVF cycle with no embryos, I was in a really low place and I was frustrated that no one talks about infertility and recurrent loss, so I wrote my book "Prequel to Parenthood: An Infertility Story."

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