Nature's First Aid: A Deep Dive with Jodi Scott of Green Goo

The Dr. Kinney Show

08-01-2024 • 34分

Looking for first aid products that are made with natural ingredients?

In this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I sat down with Jodi Scott who is the founder of Green Goo. She creates all-natural plant-based solutions for your first aid needs. She’s here to share her insight into why these green products are better for your health and some other natural ways to improve your health like lowering your cortisol levels and practicing mindfulness.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The anti-aging and healing abilities of Green Goo products
  • The chemicals used in common products and how they harm your body
  • The power of using natural ingredients
  • The connection between mindfulness and skincare
  • The power we all have in our healthcare

If you are passionate about using all-natural ingredients in your products, you’re going to love this episode. Make sure to tune in!

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