S2E18 Helping Women Harness Their Power

The Healing List Podcast

15-12-2021 • 47分

Rukayah Megeri’s focus is about using her life coaching, womb coaching and spiritual skills to empower women, ensuring that they take full advantage of their powers. She does this through running one-on-one programs, organizing group retreats and creating natural products.

In this talk, Megeri talks about the most effective techniques she knows for empowering women, how a woman’s womb holds tremendous power, how we can forgive ourselves and much more. She also directly talks about how people in specific situations, such as overworked mothers, can help themselves.

Megeri’s approach to empowering her clients is certainly unique. She has come up with so many solutions, and it’s clear that she has many more in the pipeline. Listen to her wide range of answers to female empowerment to hear this for yourself!