S2E13 Making an Impact Beyond Your Community

The Healing List Podcast

07-12-2021 • 46分

Thanks to people like Adele Yoshikawa, people all over the state of Hawaii have had access to food when they struggled to make ends meet. She’s been instrumental in making Hawaii’s food drive the largest in the US. And her utilization of personal healing has been key in ensuring that this happened.

In this episode of The Healing List, Yoshikawa reveals how she managed to gain support and get others to help out with donating food. She explains the ups and downs of this journey and what she’s especially proud of. And of course, she elaborates on how her work has become even more vital during the pandemic.

People who want to use healing as a means of achieving societal good can really benefit from this podcast. So many of us want to do good but struggle to form a workable process. Yoshikawa has done this, and her explanations are sure to lead to inspiration.