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Mental Break it Down

30-08-2023 • 5分

Are you yearning for a deeper understanding of the human mind and the diverse niches within the mental health field? Come onboard and join us, Sam and Sonia, two passionate therapists as we navigate this thrilling journey of all things therapy. In this episode, we're not holding back!  We promise an enlightening ride as we build relationships, learn, and grow within the mental health field.

We share our experiences and perspectives in our private practice as therapists, grad school peers, and business partners. We're thrilled to share our space with you, giving you an in-depth perspective of our specialties and process as therapists. If you're curious about therapy, desiring to learn more about mental health, or a clinician seeking to build community, this podcast episode is your ticket to an exciting mental health journey. So, get ready for some fun, learning, and real conversations, because at Mental Break it Down, we're all ears! Don't just listen, be part of our vibrant community.

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