Intro to Mental Break It Down

Mental Break it Down

06-09-2023 • 25分

Are you ready to have a laugh while breaking down the mental barriers with us, Sonia and Sam, your therapy comrades? Come along as we bare our journey in private practice, and why we chose to turn our experiences into a light-hearted podcast. We promise you, it will be a roller coaster ride filled with laughter, learning and some serious discussions.

In our candid conversation, we tackle the delicate topic of grief and how to support someone going through it. We shed light on the dignity of giving individuals autonomy in their grieving process and touch on the remarkable work in organ and tissue donation. We also explore podcasts as a comforting resource for those considering therapy, reminding you that therapy is a practice, not an expertise. So, let’s learn and grow together, let’s navigate through the beautiful mess of our lives, and most importantly, let’s make mental health a less daunting topic. With us, it’s going to be fun and insightful, so tune in!

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