Tina Morasco Has Sat in ALL the Chairs

VO Pro: Voiceover and Voice Acting

18-12-2023 • 33分

Agent. Actor. Casting Director. Demo Producer. You name it and Tina Morasco has done it and done it all at the highest levels. We've been friends for a couple of years and even I didn't know the depth and breadth of her experience and how that makes her uniquely qualified to be both the Head of Casting at Sound and Fury and the best commercial VO coach I've ever been around.

In our chat, Tina briefly tells her own story, gives me her theory on why 2023 was a slower year in voice over, and why (dear god, why) final spots are so different from the specs we audition to.

If you don't know Tina, I can honestly say your life is worse off for it. She is not only one of the top pros in our business, but one of the top of the top (of the top) people.

This is our interview with Tina Morasco.


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