Ep 59: It's Never Too Late With Caileen Thomas

Boost Your Metabolism After Age 30 Podcast

15-08-2023 • 34分

Think it's simply too late or you are too out of shape to finally get fit and boost your metabolism?  From being severely alcoholic and doctors giving her only six months to live at age 30 to becoming a fitness coach, our guest Caileen Thomas, Head Assistant Coach at Key Nutrition, tells us her story and shows us that it is never too late to build a healthy body that you can be proud of.

In this episode we discuss

  • her journey from being severely alcoholic and overweight to getting fit,
  • under-eating and over-training, and
  • what advice she has for women who think they are too far gone to ever get in shape and build a body they love.

You can find Caileen on Instagram @caileen_soberfit

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