Unlocking Eye Health: Dry Eye Solutions With YouTube's Optometrist, Dr. Joseph Allen

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11-09-2023 • 38分

It can be so frustrating to be only able to see your doctor for a few moments before getting whisked away. That is why many consult Dr. Google and YouTube University for the questions they weren’t able to ask. The downside to this is finding which information to believe. Fortunately, YouTube’s Optometrist Dr. Joseph Allen has us covered. Dr. Allen is a practicing optometrist in Minnesota and the founder of Doctor Eye Health, an educational YouTube channel with more than 850K subscribers. Bringing his expertise to this episode, he joins Corinna Bellizzi to talk about eye health, particularly dry eyes. He shares how he learned about the benefits of omega-3s to dry eyes and its relationship to neuro and retinal health. Dr. Allen also debunks eye health myths and explains why visiting an optometrist is more than what meets the eye (they can help you discover diseases as well). So join Dr. Allen in this conversation and find out about dry eye solutions and more!

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Benefits of omega-3s to dry eyes
  • Omega-3s and its relationship to neuro and retinal health
  • Optometrists can help people discover diseases
  • Debunking myths about eye health

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-joseph-allen-o-d-faao-24194555

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