Worried you have Multiple Sclerosis?

Breaking it down - A multiple sclerosis podcast

05-04-2023 • 49分

It’s estimated that 130,000 people in the UK have multiple sclerosis. Every week around 130 more people are diagnosed. Are you worried that your symptoms might be MS? Have you looked MS up on the internet and read about symptoms that sound like the ones you’re experiencing? Or perhaps someone in your family may have MS and you are concerned that you may also get it.

In this podcast, we chat about what you should do if you are worried that you might have MS, as well as what your next steps could be. Although don’t turn off if you already have a diagnosis, as we’re also sharing an interesting personal story from Dr Daniel Matterson, better known as @the.ms.doctor on Instagram. He chats to us about his diagnosis and shares some tips about what you can do if you are worried you have MS.

Episode notes

- Worried you have MS?: mstrust.org.uk//information-support/ms-symptoms-diagnosis/worried-you-have-ms
- MS Trust what is MS?: mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/what-ms
- MS trust how is MS diagnosed?: mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/what-ms/how-ms-diagnosed
- MS Trust newly diagnosed: mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/newly-diagnosed
- MS Trust  A-Z of MS : mstrust.org.uk/a-z
- MS Trust contact us: mstrust.org.uk/what-we-do/contact-us
- MS Awareness week webinars: mstrust.org.uk/MSAW
- Diagnosing MS - Lumbar puncture video: youtube.com/watch?v=dGmZt6XmZAQ
- Diagnosing MS - Evoked potentials tests video: youtube.com/watch?v=DttdmivruP4
- Diagnosing MS - MRI scan video youtube.com/watch?v=Erz_nGg4iII
- Dr. Daniel Matterson Instagram: instagram.com/the.ms.doctor

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