Identity Series: Surfing + Queerness

In Hines Sight

12-09-2020 • 56分

It’s time to paddle out, because in this episode of the Identity Series we explore the intersection where surfer meets LGBTQ+. Rich Overgaard, owner of @surfergays on Instagram, examines his identity as a newer surfer. Marta Dallas Chiesa, co-owner of Gay Surf Brazil – a weeklong retreat that connects LGBTQ+ people and allies for surfing in Brazil – discusses the importance and opportunities of safe travel for queer people.

And my cousin Connor Askew, who was super supportive when I was first told him about not being straight, proves that our bond has gotten even stronger since.

After all, we can all be on the same wave, and it’s our mission that everyone feels safe to get out there and surf and have fun.


  • Gay Surf Brazil: A weeklong retreat that connects LGBTQ+ people interested in surfing while also helping to fight homophobia in surfing by simply existing within the space.
  • Surf the Greats: Surf shop in Toronto, plus offers trips like the one Rich went on.
  • @surfergays: Connect with the LGBTQ+ surf community on Instagram and find your next buddy to paddle out with.


  • LGBTQ+: Anyone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer for their sexual orientation, and a plus to capture the rest of the alphabet.
  • In this context, an ally is someone who doesn’t identify within that spectrum, but who is a champion and supporter of those who do identify as LGBTQ+.
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