Byeee 2020: Goal-Setting for a New Year

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09-01-2021 • 45分

We make fun of the word unprecedented and how overused it's felt as a way to describe 2020. But for real, 2020 had its challenges for everyone.

With my friend Thomas Renner -- a yoga instructor and life coach based in Dallas -- we take a moment to reflect on 2020, share gratitude for positive reflections we gained from this past year, and discuss setting and maintaining resolutions for 2021.

Maybe you're one of the estimated 188.9 million adult Americans (74.02% of the population) who said they’re determined to learn something new in 2021.

Or maybe, like Thomas, you think New Year's resolutions are shit; resolutions can be started at any moment. The important thing is that you do them for you, and you remember to celebrate the wins along the way.

Tips for making (and keeping resolutions or goals):

  1. Be specific.
  2. Generate your why behind it.
  3. Do you really want it?
  4. Generate a reward for achievement depending on your goal.

Have a listen, find something you're grateful for each day, and be kind to one another as we're all looking for hope, healing, and reconciliation with the New Year. Much love.

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