Dust yourself off and try again: My GMAT battle getting real

In Hines Sight

11-02-2021 • 19分

There are four sandwiches total, and three of them were evenly divided among n students, but four students didn't want any of the fourth sandwich. But you know Carol. She came along and wanted a bit from all four. So what fraction did Carol eat of a whole sandwich?

IDK, Carol -- just keep livin' your best carb life and let me do ANYTHING else.

That's how I felt Sunday night. I'm at the intersection of the hittin-the-gas and shit's-gettin-real stage of this GMAT as part of my plan for applying to grad school for an MBA. The countdown timer is ticking louder than ever, and it's game on.

In this short 20-minute episode, I'll take you through my raw emotions, from the beginning of the ups and downs with the GMAT, a little bit why I'm doing this, and ultimately a few takeaways. Because what good is this pod if you can't get something useful out of it?

Whether you're studying for your GMAT, preparing to run your first 5K, or buying your first home, here are three steps that are working for me and they might work for you, too:

  1. Write that dream down. Or type it. Or vision-board it. Whatever way you do it, see its existence as something that can become a reality. No idea is too crazy.
  2. Make a plan and go for it. Don’t spend too long planning. Give yourself an outline, some general guidelines, just enough structure to get things rolling.
  3. Get back up when you get knocked down.

And if you can guess the artist of the song I sing at the end, DM me and I'll get you some banana bread muffins ;)

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