Brittney Griner, March Madness and the NBA after All Star

What Do Women Know About Sports

21-03-2022 • 27分

On this weeks episode we discuss what is happening with Brittney Griner being held in Russia on drugs charges. It is a lot of issues surrounding her being held there especially since the rest of the world found out weeks after she had been charged. Also with what his happening in the world with Russia, it is very clear that BG is definitely being held as a political reason and they need to get her home. Next, we discuss Bre's favorite time of the year which is March Madness and it is in full affect and we are for certain that a lot of brackets are busted, lol. Lastly we discuss all of the things that have happened since All Star took place. We congratulate Lebron James on his continuous road to dominance and all of the individual milestones he continues to reach. We discuss Kyrie Irving and how he is allowed to be in the building when the Nets play home games but still can't play even though in New York there is no mask mandate. Its not making a lot of sense and a lot people, even players on other teams think the Mayor of New York needs to figure it out and quickly. Of the final 14 games the Nets have Kyrie can only play in 4 of them. Lastly we dicusss the Phoenix Suns and the run they currently are on. At the moment they are the only team to have solidified a spot in the post season. Could this be the year after the upset of losing last year? We shall see!