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What Do Women Know About Sports

13-02-2023 • 58分

Hey, we're back! We definitely missed you all. First, lets get all the formalities out of the way. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas etc. On this weeks episode we jumped right in and gave a huge congrats to Lebron Jones on passing Kareem Abdul Jabar and is now the NBA Leading All Time Scorer. Whether you like Lebron or not you definitely have to respect what he has accomplished and give him what he deserves. To be able to break a record that has stood in place for 39yrs is incredible and should not be taken lightly, Now that Lebron has broken the record does this make him the Greatest Of All Time? We believe that categorizing someone as the GOAT is subjective and is solely dependent on what your standards may be. Regardless this is an amazing accomplishment and should not be downplayed. Next we moved on to all of the excitement that has been taken place regarding trades. If you haven't heard, Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks and we for sure thinks this is a good luck. Kevin Durant is also leaving the Brooklyn Nets and has been traded to the Phoenix Suns. What we all thought was going to be a dominate Brooklyn Nets team on paper just never correlated in reality. However with both Kyrie and KD now being back in the West Conference, the West just got that more deadly. Looking at the way teams are currently stacked, who are you taking out of the West? Lastly, we give our predictions picks of who will win the Super Bowl this Sunday. Are you a Eagles or a Chiefs fan? We are hoping for a close but good game.