What Is Happening?!

What Do Women Know About Sports

14-11-2022 • 36分

On this weeks episode we discussed Brittney Griner and how she has been transported to a new detention center that is based around labor. Brittney has been sentenced to 9yrs in Russia but the United States is still working trying to get her release. With this move Brittneys family is not aware as to where she has been transferred too and they probably will not have contact with her for a while. Please keep continue to keep Brittney Griner in your prayers and that she gets released soon. FREE BG!! Next we discussed the slow start to the season but there has been some good surprises. The Cavs are a team to look out for and also the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are the first team in the NBA to have reached 10 wins so far this season. On the opposite end, veteran teams such as the Lakers and the Warriors with championship caliber players are struggling. The Lakers have only won 2 games so far this season and the Warriors had a road trip and lost every game. Now it is still very early in the season but something has to change because if either team plans to make a playoff run they will not with the way they have been playing. Lastly we discussed Kyrie Irving and the controversy surrounding him. It is clear that Kyrie needed to apologize but the demands given to him by the NBA and the Brooklyn Nets was way out of pocket. Do you think Kyrie should be allowed to play and were the demands given too harsh?