Free BG and NBA Offseason

What Do Women Know About Sports

11-07-2022 • 34分

On this weeks episode we began as always discussing Brittney Griner and how she needs to be brought home from being in Russia.Her trial began on July 1st. She wrote President Biden a personal letter requesting for his assistance in bringing her home because she has been there since February. Brittney pleaded guilty for having the vape but it was not her intention to break any law. We know the comparison is not fair but if this were a white male athlete people who have some sort of power would be working overtime to bring him home to his family. This weekend is also the WNBA All Star game. Make sure you tune in and watch Sue Bird and also Syliva Fowles play in their final game as WNBA players. Botha are retiring at the end of the season. Next we discuss the excitement of the NBA offseason and the different trades and also contract extensions that have happened so far. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are looking to leave Brooklyn and it is still up in the air on where they will end up. John Wall has signed with the Clippers and Bradley Beal has resigned with the Washington Wizards. Jokic has signed the highest ever NBA contact extension in history. A lot has happened but we know that more is sure to come during this offseason so stay locked in and make sure you are following Woj.