Opening Week. NBA Is Back!

What Do Women Know About Sports

24-10-2022 • 39分

On this weeks episode we discussed opening week of the NBA for its 76th season. The first two games of the season were between the 76ers and Celtics. Jayson Tatum and the Celtics picked up where they left off at during the NBA Finals against the Warriors. If you have not realized it yet, we are not sure where you have been but Jayson Tatum is a complete star and has a long career head of him. The 76ers with the new addition of James Harden also played well even though they lost but even with the loss you can tell they will have a strong season ahead. The next game was against the Warriors and Lakers and it was also the ring ceremony for the Warriors. The ring ceremony and raising of the newest banner was amazing to see but the main even was the game. The Warriors did what needed to be done as reining champions and came out on top. If you were wondering there is no animosity within the team despite the recent altercation because they have a job to do which is achieve another ring. The following day followed games for the a lot of other teams but one game that stuck out was the game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns. This game was definitely a repeat of their battle during the first round were the Mavs booted the Suns during the first round. The Mavericks came out playing with a vengeance proving why they run during the first round because the Suns were playing like a team lost. However during the second half the Suns came back out and did win the game. Later in the week the Lakers played against the Clippers and the Lakers are proving that they need to make some adjustments. Between the two games they played in opening week they were 8-84 from 3 and their backcourt is not getting points like other backcourts may be accumulating. Will the Lakers be able to turn it around? Are the Clippers the new LA team? The season will be interesting.