MYSWIM: Waterpolo and the 2012 Olympics with Matt Holland


06-05-2023 • 50分

In this episode we are joined by GB water polo goalkeeper and coach Matthew Holland we explain what is waterpolo ,its history and the sports inclusion into the modern Olympics. Matt joins us and helps us understand a bit more about being a professional in the sport of water polo and particularly your experiences around 2012.

We explore Matt’s journey and the following topics:

1. The Beginning: Matt Holland’s journey from starting to swim through to the day of the Olympics?

2. Training plans for the journey: How did training plans and strategies develop along that journey? Should anything be change?

3. Olympics 2012: What was it like being selected for the London Olympics in 2012 the first GB squad to get to the games for 56 years. We talk through the events at the Olympics and the day of the first match (preparation, holding area, warm up, team talk, seeing the crowd)

4. Professional water polo player: Life After the Olympics ,following your dream and talents as a professional water polo player for clubs in Europe (Holland, Spain, France) How did the experiences differ,  a day in the life of a professional water polo player.

5. Part-time player: The change to working full-time, which inevitably water polo players in the UK need to do, How that changed the training regime and tips for an aspiring waterpolo player looking to juggle work or studies with training.

6. Future of British Water polo: Matt Holland is still very much involved with the playing and coaching side of British water polo, we discuss the future of UK polo.

7. Future Matt Holland: What does the future hold for Matt Holland?

8. Further Information:links to information referenced in the podcast:

  • World Aquatics formerly FINA on
  • Look up local clubs on the British swimming website
  • Those wanting to aspire to the national league of the UK then the British water polo league website on

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