MYSWIM: Swimming the length of Lake Zurich with Michael Helps


24-08-2023 • 23分

In this episode I share with you a swim I got half way through and proclaim to my boat crew “This is the day I learnt to swim for!”

Through a series of questions friends have asked me over the years I explore the What, How ,When, Why ,Who, Where, of swimming the length of the beautiful Lake Zurich through my personal experience of my favourite lake swim - My individual MYSWIM.

A YouTube video accompanies this podcast which shows further detail of the swim.

Topics covered:

·      INTRODUCTION to the Lake - geometry, temperatures, water wild life

·      HOW did I prepare for the swim?

·      WHAT was my TRAINING PLAN?

·      WHAT is my recommended Swim and travel KIT LIST and food?

·      WHAT was my Feed Strategy?

·      Travel kit suggestions

·      WHO is the event for?

·      Suggestion for WHERE to stay

·      WHAT happens on RACE DAY Prior to the start

·      The Race Experience

·      My lasting impressions of the swim

·      Regular Feature: Factitious swim challenge

Links for further information:

With this episode of the podcast there is a unique MYSWIM design that reflects the essence of the LAKE ZURICH swim discussed. This design is exclusively available through the website, and each purchase helps keep the podcasts going and promoting the shared love for all things aquatic.

It is an exciting journey, and we would be honoured to have you join us with our designs and showing off your love for your individual MYSWIM. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to being a part of your aquatic adventure.